Death is something that all of us abhor. However, those who are born on this earth have to die. The only question is when. Even though we have to die, we still think about living long. Living never satisfies us, we want to live more and more.

Is it possible to live longer?


Secrets of Living Longer: How to Add Years to Your Life

Eastern religions, especially Hinduism, have always vouched for eternal life. The Hindu theologies brim with stories of sages who lived eternally. Hinduism has propounded various systems that are said to give eternal life to mortals. While rational minds might sweep away these methods as irrational, modern Hindu gurus still emphasize long life is absolutely possible.

Interestingly, scientists have also given us an answer on how to live a long life. There has been a lot of research on people who lived long, and these studies have drawn a conclusion about how people can actually long.

5 Simple Ways to Live Longer According to Science

According to science, we might be able to live a long life, however, with bad food choices and unhealthy lifestyles we cut years from our life.  After years of research on the correlation between food and lifespan and lifestyle and lifespan, scientists have drawn a conclusion. Here is the gist of the findings.

Avoid Diabetes and Heart Disease

More people die from diabetes and heart disease than from any other disease. Therefore, in order to live longer, you need to avoid getting diabetes and heart disease. Diabetes and heart disease are basically lifestyle diseases. If you eat unhealthy food and practice an unhealthy lifestyle, you surely get diabetes and heart disease. So how do you avoid diabetes and heart disease? The basic thing is to avoid eating too many carbs and fatty foods. You also need to make exercise your daily routine.

Drink Tea and Coffee

Scientists have found that compounds in tea and coffee stop the degeneration of brain cells. Tea and coffee drinkers are less likely to get Alzheimer’s or dementia compared to people who do not drink tea and coffee. Tea and coffee also have antioxidant properties that improve metabolism. However, the point is if you are adding too much sugar and cream to your tea and coffee, it will do more harm than help you.

Eat More Plant-Based Food

Scientists have discovered that vegetarians live longer than those who eat more meat products. The reason behind this logic is that plant-based foods contain dietary fiber and unsaturated fats, which are very essential for the physiological process.

Eat Turmeric

There are many herbs and spices that are highly beneficial to human health; however, if you have to choose one, scientists suggest that you choose turmeric. Turmeric has many health benefits and the most important of them is it has anti-cancer properties.


Last but not least, exercise helps you to live longer. Regular exercise not only helps you to remain fit and healthy but also lessens the risk of many diseases including but not limited to diabetes and heart disease.

Last but not least

If you want to live long, you should definitely follow this 5-point guide. Actually, it is not very difficult to follow these 5 steps that help you to live longer. Your lifestyle and food habits are directly related to your age, therefore, if you want to live longer, you will have to change your existing lifestyle and food habits.

How to Live a Long Life According to Hinduism

According to Hinduism, God has given 100 years of life to all human beings, however, with their bad deeds, they continue to cut years from the given lifespan and die early.

Hinduism is a lifestyle, a way of life, and not just a religious belief that talks about heaven and hell, gods and demons. Hinduism does not just recommend devotion to God through prayers and worshipping but also tells what you should eat, how you should live, what you should do in case your mind and body become sick, and a lot of other secrets.

There are various disciplines of Hinduism, for instance, Ayurveda (aimed at healing mind and body through herbs), devotion/worshipping (aimed at spiritual growth), Yoga (aimed at healing body and mind through physical and mental exercise), etc.

Ayurveda and Yoga both emphasize healthy living and long life. Yoga and Ayurveda provide a lot of techniques and methods for long life. While Ayurveda focuses on healing the mind and body through the use of herbs, Yoga focuses on physical, mental, psychological, and emotional healing through physical and mental exercises.

Yoga is a Hindu discipline originally propounded by Patanjali aimed at training the body and mind for health and spiritual insight. Yoga is a system of physical and mental exercises that control body and mind and keeps body and mind at equilibrium. The state of perfect health (physical health and mental health) is achieved only when your mind and body are at equilibrium. There are other motives for yoga as well, for instance, yoga helps to attain awareness, grow spiritually and reach a state of tranquillity. Yoga consists of physical training (called asanas), mental training (called dhyana, literally meditation), breathing exercises (called Pranayam), and devotion (mantra chanting, or prayers).


There has been a lot of research on Hindu healing systems like Yoga and Ayurveda, and scientists have established that the techniques and methods mentioned in Ayurveda and Yoga are authentic and can help you remain physically, mentally, and emotionally fit, thus helping you to live longer. Studies have found that those who practice Yoga regularly for a long time add years to life. Just like Hinduism, science does not exactly say we have 100 years to live, however, it says something similar to the Hindu belief. Yoga and meditation can boost your lifespan.

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