Plants not only provide flood for animals and human beings but also produces oxygen without which the animals and human beings cannot survive. Apart from providing food, plants also have medicinal properties that cure and treat human beings in numerous ways. Studies have shown that having plants around you is good for well-being and wellness.

There are many benefits of keeping plants in your house, for instance:

  • Maintains oxygen levels in your house;
  • Provides greenery which is good for your eyes;
  • Makes your home beautiful which is good for emotional and mental well-being;
  • Purifies and detoxifies air which is good for your respiratory and nervous systems;
  • Reduces stress and anxiety, and improves mood;
  • Help you sleep better; etc.

12 Plants to Keep in Your Bedroom for Reducing Stress and Anxiety, and Improve Sleep

If you want to reduce stress and anxiety and improve your sleep, keep the following plants in your bedroom. When we say keep the plants in your bedroom, we mean that you grow these plants in a vase and keep them in your bedroom.

Jasmine: Jasmine plant has a sweet aromatic aroma. The aroma of Jasmine flowers uplifts your mood. Jasmine also reduces stress and anxiety. Having Jasmine in your bedroom will help you sleep better. Pink and ivory flowers from the Jasmine plant also beautify your room.

Lavender: Lavender is one of the popular flowers that are widely used to make aromatic essential oils and perfume. Lavender essential oils are used to reduce stress, anxiety, and improve sleep, or even cure insomnia. A few drops of lavender oil on your pillow help you sleep quicker and sleep well. A few drops of lavender essential oils in the bath help you calm, relax and ease muscular tension. You can grow lavender in a vase and keep it in your bedroom to reap the benefits of lavender. Studies have confirmed that lavender is very helpful in controlling high blood pressure.

Snake Plant: Snake plant not only provides greenery to your room but also improves air quality. The best thing about snake plant is it emits oxygen even at night. When you get more oxygen, you will feel calm and relaxed.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant that can be used for a variety of illnesses. However, what you might not know about aloe vera is that it also releases oxygen even at night.

Gardenia: With its evergreen leaves and white flowers, gardenia not only beautifies your room but also releases a sweet aroma to improve your mood, ease tension, and sleep well. Studies suggest that having gardenia plants in your bedroom is as effective as taking medication for anxiety.

Spider plant: Studies have suggested that spider plant consumes cancer-causing agents and other toxins from common household products like adhesives, carpets, paints, etc., thus helping to improve air quality in your house. Spider plants also take odors and fumes from the air.

Peace lily: Peace lilies are not only very pleasing to the eyes but also filter harmful toxins from the air. Studies have shown that peace lily controls airborne microbes that are harmful to human health.

Bamboo Palm: Bamboo palm filters air and controls air pollution in your house.

Gerbera daisy: The red, pink, orange, and yellow flowers from gerbera daisy not only make your home environment very pleasing but also releases a sweet aroma to give you calming and soothing effects. Gerbera daisies are also said to clean the air. This plant is highly recommended to those who have sleeping problems as gerbera daisy produces oxygen even at night.

Pothos: Green leaves of pothos are not only beautiful to look at but also good for your respiratory and nervous system as it is good at cleansing the air but consuming air pollutants.

Valerian plant: Valerian plant is a perennial flowering plant. The flower emits a sweet aroma. The pink and white flowers of valerian plants are widely used to make perfumes. The tea from the roots is said to cure insomnia. Having blooming valerian plants in your bedroom will help you fall asleep quickly as well as sleep well. You can also use the flowers in your bath for relaxation.

English ivy: English ivy purifies the air, and reduces the symptoms of allergies and asthma. Having English ivy in a hanging basket in your house will greatly improve the look of your house.

A Simple Way to Improve Air Quality in Your Room

The air quality in your house is affected in many ways, for example, you constantly breathe out carbon dioxide, you have household products that contain toxins, etc. You can improve the air quality of your home by having the aforementioned plants in your home. A study suggests that in an 1800 square feet house, you should have 15-18 plants. If you think you cannot maintain a lot of plants in your house, just burn 2-3 dried bay leaves and let the smoke fill your room. The bay leaf smoke not only purifies that air but also fills the room with a sweet aroma.

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