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My 3 Favorite Cary Grant Movies

One of my favorite leading male actors when I was growing up was Cary Grant (1904 – 1986). Why did I like him? He reminded me of my father. No he didn’t look like my dad at all. But he dressed like my father. Always neat, well groomed, and very dapper! Grant was much like […]

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Life of Pi Actor Suraj Sharma

If you enjoy books adapted to film, then you will probably enjoy the film “Life of Pi”. It was based on a book by the same name and was released in 2012. Now it is streaming online at various sites. For me, part of enjoying a film is knowing some of the “behind the scenes” […]

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Five (5) British Mystery TV Series Worth Watching (and Re-watching)

Decades ago, (possibly the late 70s or early 80s), I became interested in watching British mystery television series aired on America’s PBS stations. Due to their popularity, these shows were also later made available for streaming on various streaming services. These programs are so popular there is a subscription service called BritBox and they boast […]

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