What Kind of Changes Our Education System Need

Covid-19 has not only taken a toll on human lives but also damaged everything including but not limited to business, tourism, and education.  Around the world schools, colleges and universities have shut down in order to stop the virus from spreading. When the educational institutions have shut down educationists, teachers, operators of educational institutions, and all concerned people are discussing a new modality where students can continue to learn.

It is true that since some time people were giving emphasis to change in the education system, however, it is only after the Covod-19 outbreak people are actually making the list of changes the educational institutions require for the betterment of education.

Shift in the Need for Education

The world changes in picoseconds and as the world changes our needs change because everything on this earth is related to each other. And that’s why there is a great requirement to change our education system.

It was a time when our industries need workers who can work day to night according to the given instructions or under the command of a single leader, but now the industries need problem solvers who can solve the problems facing by a company, programmers who can change the programming of the robots working in the industry and controllers who can observe and control the actions of machines.

Education is now a medium for livelihood.

Need for Different Skills

There was a time when the human beings needed basic skills but now they require complex skills along with the skills like being attentive, time management, operate machines, computers, gadgets etc.

For example, if you want to wake up in the morning, you don’t need to set alarm, all you have to do is learn how to use Google assistant and wake up at a single ring.

The 21st century schools are required to teach kids…

Management because we succeed only through the knowledge on management;

Computers because the world is getting technological;

To be broad-minded because the world is getting globalized.

Furthermore, the teachers should teach them how to write and what to write on Facebook and Twitter because the changing world is bringing more hatred and intolerance.

The need for the Internet Education and Self Knowing

The world has entered into the world of technology and has been digging deeper and deeper into it. If technology has brought ease into our lives so it has also brought some complexities and dangers too. And to handle those dangers, education is important. But that education should not be conventional it should be modified and updated that provides them with ways to use the internet and technology while protecting themselves. The teachers should teach kids how to use internet safely. However, they should also teach why the kids should not use internet, computer or hand-held devices too much.

The technological advancements have also made the world a confused place, and to replace that confused state with confident state, education is required. And education should not promote traditional teacher-student relation. It should promote friendly relations. It should promote individualism.

The changes should come right from the first step. Even in the preschools and among preschoolers.

Encouraging them to talk about how they feel, what they think, and what they want actually. Irrespective of type of emotions, emotions should always be channelized. In order to do that you should always be willing to express your emotions.

Teach Art of Communication

Today every child is good at communicating through WhatsApp but bad in face to face communication that requires eyes contact and convincing communication. This is creating a communication gap, which is bringing negativity in our society. So in order to reduce that gap, we need to change our education system that promotes a friendly environment where teacher and student discuss the issues and problems together. We are living in the communication revolution period, therefore, communication is the most important skill that we need to learn and master.

The Need for Problem Solvers

The world is moving forward, we are making advancements in various areas. However, interestingly, the world is also moving backward, we are moving backwards in the areas like environment and natural resources. We are polluting air, water, we are consuming natural resources rapidly.

We really need to solve these problems as soon as possible. And that can only be done only when our system of education changes into some creative learning mechanism where students would be made active by driving them to think themselves about their world, about their surroundings through friendly discussions either in a garden or in the park to free themselves from nervousness of closed space.

When you teach kids about the environment….

They develop creative and critical skills

They develop problem-solving skills

They develop tolerance and understanding

They develop the ability to learn fast and much more

Therefore, if we want to generate a generation of smart individuals, we also need to teach environment science to the kids. They will learn to manage resources better.

 The World is Globalizing

And above all, we need to change our methods of teaching because the world is getting globalized. Even when the schools and teachers are not teaching certain topics, kids are being taught by facebook and twitter friends. Most of the time this can go really wrong. So in order to save them from getting wrong education, we need to modify our system and make it friendly and healthy. Curriculum and methods of educating children needs modification because of the development of speedy connections. And those speedy connections connect America to Asia and Asia to Africa. And when there are connections then there is a need for…


Communication and writing skills;

Ability to understand others;

Curiosity to learn about others’ behavior and lifestyle; and

Humanity along with diversity.

These qualities come only through education.

Education is not only limited to learning to read and write. In fact it is about…

grooming yourself,

understanding others,

learning to survive in this competitive world.

Overall, it is an art of communication. Communication requires brain and brain requires some treatment and polish Treatment and polishing of the brain are related to the things like…

understanding the world

being rational and logical


smartness, and


Our entire education system requires through revision.

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