No one wants to become sick, however, it is also true that once we become sick we visit a doctor and start taking medicines from an Allopath doctor. Well, of course, allopathic is an evidence-based science, and they have spent years researching the molecules to develop drugs. However, in most cases, these medicines instead of curing diseases, suppress the diseases. Hence, the diseases do not go away, they simply come back in another form, more deadly this time. Likewise, these allopathic medicines also contain chemicals and toxins that harm our bodies. The chemicals and toxins in a certain drug may cure a certain organ, but they might harm another organ. For example, recently it has come to the limelight that Diabetic Drug Metformin controls blood sugar levels in Type 2 Diabetic Patients, but in the long run, it also causes cancer. Contrarily, in naturopathy, nothing of this sort happens. As the name suggests, Naturopathy is a branch of medicine that uses all-natural products and all-natural methods to treat, cure, and prevent diseases in the human body.

The Main Causes of Human Deaths

Let’s consider some of these facts.

Heart disease is the primary cause of human death in the world.

The second primary cause of human death is cancer.

The third primary reason for human death is due to side effects of drugs, or negligence by healthcare providers or healthcare facilities.

Diabetes is the fourth reason for human deaths.

These figures were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. You can trust these figures because this association is not funded by any pharmaceutical companies instead it is funded by American taxpayers’ money.

Let’s take a look at another study. You can trust the report published by this study because the study was carried out by the United States Government.   

After 10 years of research on what are the chances of death in people who are on diabetic medication, the United Group of Diabetic Program published a meta-analysis in 1992 that claimed that people who are on diabetic medication will have a one percent more chance of death every year. In other words, if 100 people are diagnosed with diabetes in 2020 and started taking diabetic medication, one person will die in 2021. Since the chances of death increase by 1 percent every year, among the 100 people who were diagnosed with diabetes in 2020, in 2022, more people will die. This is an alarming figure because diabetes is the fourth main reason for death.

Why You Should Go Back to the Nature

From what you just read above, you might have understood the dangers of allopathic medicines. Most of our diseases are lifestyle diseases, in other words, we become sick because we are not living a healthy lifestyle, we hang out late at night in the pub or club, we drink and smoke, we sit in front of computers for hours playing games, we do not exercise, etc. Moreover, the food we eat also greatly contributes to our overall health. A lot of us eat just because we like the taste, instead of eating healthy, we eat what tastes good. We eat synthetic food, we eat food containing preservatives (chemicals and toxins), we eat processed foods that are devoid of nutritional benefits and dietary fiber, etc.

The naturopath is a holistic healing method that is not just curative but also preventive. When you follow naturopathy, you will not only be able to cure a lot of diseases but also prevent other diseases from further developing. Naturopathy does not see a disease just as it is. For example, if you are diagnosed with diabetes, naturopathy does not just tell you that there is not enough insulin in your body or that your body has developed insulin resistance. Instead, it tells you that you might have diabetes because you lack physical activity, you are eating the wrong foods, you are suffering from stress, and the things like these. Thus naturopathic treatment will try to heal you completely not just control diabetics.

Treatment Methods in Naturopathy

Naturopathy treatment includes lifestyle and dietary modifications, herbal medicines, and herbal supplements, yoga, acupuncture, acupressure, massage, aromatherapy, in fact, everything that is included in alternative medicine and traditional medicine. Naturopathy includes alternative therapies and traditional medicines does not mean that naturopathy is just a belief system. In fact, naturopathy is an evidence-based medicinal system. The methods and medicines used in naturopathy have been studied by modern science and the effectiveness of these medicines and techniques has been established.  

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