Would You Like to Learn About Angels?

What do I know about angels? Where did I get the knowledge about angels? Well, the Holy Bible is my primary source of knowledge on angels. The Bible says the angels were created by God just like we humans, the primary difference is angels are spiritual beings, humans are mortal; humans are based on the earth, angels belong to the heavenly order.; however, the angels were created to act as messangers and serve the mankind. They have magical powers, yet they are not God. Sometimes, human mistake them as God and being to worship, however, angels always forbid humans to do so.

However, by contrast, the scriptures state that humans were created in the image of God. Angels are not described in that manner. Angels, like humans, have free will, which means they can choose to obey or to disobey. Hence, there are accounts of “fallen angels”. Angels who made a dreadful decision of choosing to disobey God and because of their act of disobedience they were cast down or kicked out of heaven. There is more but I think this creates a vivid enough picture.

I know that there are disciples of other faiths or religious beliefs and their understanding of angelic beings is based on the related scriptures or teachings they follow. Like Jews and Christians, these believers understand angels to be spiritual creatures from beyond this world.

There are some people who refer to other humans beings as their angels. There was a person or persons who came into their lives and blessed them in such a way that they credit them with saving them from some sort of destruction.

I found a very interesting book to read that is all about angels. The title of the book is “Angels A to Z” and it is written by James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver. When I saw the word “angels” in the title I was curious to know more. “A to Z” was an indication that it was a very thorough study and examination of the topic.

This book not only discusses the Biblical angels that I am familiar with (such as archangels Gabriel and Michael), but talks about angels as they are described outside of the Bible. For example, fictional angels like the angel who was trying to earn his wings in that beloved Christmas holiday movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”; and angels in popular American television shows such as “Highway to Heaven”. The book talks about angels as depicted in art and in writings. In art, by the classical masters Michaelangelo, Raphael, and Rembrandt; and in contemporary art by artists like Thierry Chatelan, Karen M. Haughey, and Sandra Martindale. In writings, by authors like playwright William Shakespeare, poet John Milton, and novelist Frank E. Peretti.

In addition to the angels mentioned in the Bible, “Angels A to Z” has pages dedicated to angels as they appear in the Muslim faith, as they are included in mythology and in African religious beliefs. As stated previously, this book is very thorough. There is a lot of information that you can glean from it. Since much of it can not be proven with physical evidence, you will either dismiss these research results as totally unbelievable or you will make a note to follow-up with further investigation.

  • From A: Some African religions hold that angels are God’s servants, messengers, or agents, and they act between God and man. While others believe that the angels are spirits of those who died long ago but now serve as guardians over families or individuals. Some African peoples consider their kings or chiefs to be God’s special agents who carry out His rulership in this world.
  • To Z: The theme of Zoroastrianism is the cosmic struggle between two gods; a god of light and a god of darkness. One god, Ahura Mazda, has angels. The other god, Ahriman, has demons. No estimate of time as to how long this struggle will last. However, no worries, because in the final battle, the god of darkness will be defeated. In Zoroastrianism, there is also an angel called Rashnu who stands on the bridge that leads to heaven and gets to decide who is worthy to enter. Rashnu uses golden scales. Interesting huh?

If you would like to learn about angels, “Angels A to Z”, is suggested reading.

As a side note, just in case you don’t share the same fascination with and interest in angels that I have, below is a sampling of titles of other books published by Visible Ink Press.

  • “The Astrology Encyclopedia” ~ Are the events of a person’s life really written in the stars?
  • “The Dream Encyclopedia” ~ Are your dreams predictions or visions of what will happen? Are your dreams incidents that have already happened that you are not able to recall in your conscious state? Do your dreams have any significance at all?

Do any of these titles sound like books you would add to your binge-reading list?

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